Here is my recently launched GLOW Inner Beauty Powder. Why GLOW? because "My skin is glowing" is the most popular feedback I receive from customers who have experienced the Inner Beauty Powder.  GLOW Inner Beauty Powder now contains two new beautiful ingredients; Maqui berry and Dunaliella salina. So there are now 24 skin loving super foods in the formula.  All fermented too; which means their nutrients are more bio-available for the body to use.
I picked these two very special new ingredients for their superior anti-oxidant capacity. Both ingredients grow in harsh environments, so their anti-oxidant levels are magnified. New studies are showing that Maqui berries (found in the Patagonian region of Chile) are outperforming vitamins A and C and Acai berries in their anti-oxidant power. Dunaliella salina is also a super skin hero; a nutrient dense micro algae; known to be one of the highest sources of dietary beta-carotene. It's also a great source of amino acids, EFA's, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll; all nutrients that nourish the skin on the inside.
Bring on the anti-oxidant power: We love anti-oxidants as they mop up those pesky molecules free radicals that aren't so radical; they cause premature ageing of the skin and compromise our health. Read more at: www.thebeautychef.com/products-inner


New Skincare Coming Soon....

I have received lots of emails from customers of the Inner Beauty Powder asking when my topical skincare range is coming. So I thought I'd update you on the process. Well, it has been a labour of love. How does one preserve a banana naturally and give it a shelf life of 18months? Yes you can submerge it in alcohol, however putting that level of alcohol on your skin would compromise its health.  Working with organic materials including natural preservatives and emulsifiers within the guidelines of Australia's most stringent certifying body, the ACO, is challenging. I investigated becoming certified through other bodies such Eco-cert; however, their standards don't resonate with my philosophy; which is to have products free of toxic chemicals; not just mostly free. Alongside the myriad restrictions that I've had working to meet organic standards of the ACO is the challenge working with my very special bio-activated (fermented) extracts and carefully combining them with other ingredients - also a very delicate balance.
I do love the challenge and the daily reminder as I work with these materials that if you work with science around the principles of nature, rather than against it, you can get truly amazing results.  By working with nature's natural bio fermentation process for example, I have created super potent extracts. Fermentation not only makes nutrients three times more bioavailable but it also creates probiotics - friendly bacteria, essential for good health and radiant skin.
Making Certified Organic skincare is a much more sophisticated process than making conventional skincare, because you can't cheat by adding a synthetic filler, preservative or plastic coating(yes can you believe that use plastic in skincare!) for skin feel.  But the beauty of it all is that by avoiding these things, you begin to understand the true synergy of how plant chemicals work together naturally and with that deeper understanding, you preserve the integrity of the extract and with that, create super natural skin care.

Best, Carlax


Sustain Expo Recipes

As promised here are the recipes from the Sustain Expo. 
Reversible Green Mask (reversible as you can drink it and also put it on your skin; plus it helps to reverse skin damage). 
Superfood for the skin inside and out. Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes; If possible start your day by consuming this nutrient rich skin and health booster. Drink half of it, then add some citrus pectin to the other half (sprinkle 2 tsp of pectin to 100ml of juice and whisk to form a gel like consistency) and use as a topical super mask. Put leftovers in ice cube containers and thaw as needed. 
1-2 kale leaves 2 broccoli trees 1 egg yolk (raw egg white robs the body of biotin, so use the egg white as a firming protein treatment for the skin topically) 1/4 tsp linseeds and/or chia seeds 1/2 cup papaya 1/2 cup pineapple 1/2 lemon peeled 1/2 banana 1/4 avocado 1/2 tsp manuka honey water and ice to desired consistency and temperature 
Blend together, drink half, then make the other half into a mask mixture. If using topically, apply to a clean complexion; leave for ten minutes and then remove with warm water and a cotton cloth. 
For those using a normal blender ( I use a vitamix that liquifies everything) you may need to grind the seeds before adding them to the smoothie. 
Papaya, Strawberry and Lime Refining Mask 
2 tbsp of papaya juice 2 tbsps of strawberry juice 1 tsp lime juice 11/2 tsp citrus pectin  
Mix juices together well and slowly whisk in the citrus pectin to make a gel like consistency. Apply to a clean complexion and leave for ten minutes. Remove with warm water and cotton cloth. 
Patchouli, Rose and Lavender Everything Balm A beautiful, nutrient rich balm that can be used topically as a cleanser, moisturiser and all round healing balm. 
15g beeswax 10g cocoa butter 70g calendula infused oil (or other vegetable or nut oil) 5 drops patchouli essential oil 7 drops lavender essential oil 2 drops rose essential oil 
Method: In a bain marie, melt all the ingredients except for the essential oils. Once cooled a little add the essential oils, mix well and pour into jars. 
Caution: keep essential oils out of reach of children. Fresh Coffee “Glow” Body Scrub A delicious body scrub to slough off dead skin cells and leave the skin soft and rejuvenated. Coffee is excellent for stimulating and decongesting the skin on the thighs and bottom! the essential oils are optional. This is for topical only, not to be ingested. Ingredients 230g Raw sugar 125g Sweet almond oil Vitamin E (optional up to 1%) 15g Freshly ground coffee (add more if you’d like it to be richer) 5 drops Peppermint essential oil 10 drops Ylang ylang essential oil 2.5ml Vanilla essential oil 1.5ml Sweet orange essential oil Method: Mix all ingredients together well. Place in an airtight jar. To use: massage a tbsp or two into congested areas of the body.  Caution: Be careful as this recipe can make the shower recess very slippery!  Keep essential oils out of reach of children.