Here is my recently launched GLOW Inner Beauty Powder. Why GLOW? because "My skin is glowing" is the most popular feedback I receive from customers who have experienced the Inner Beauty Powder.  GLOW Inner Beauty Powder now contains two new beautiful ingredients; Maqui berry and Dunaliella salina. So there are now 24 skin loving super foods in the formula.  All fermented too; which means their nutrients are more bio-available for the body to use.
I picked these two very special new ingredients for their superior anti-oxidant capacity. Both ingredients grow in harsh environments, so their anti-oxidant levels are magnified. New studies are showing that Maqui berries (found in the Patagonian region of Chile) are outperforming vitamins A and C and Acai berries in their anti-oxidant power. Dunaliella salina is also a super skin hero; a nutrient dense micro algae; known to be one of the highest sources of dietary beta-carotene. It's also a great source of amino acids, EFA's, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll; all nutrients that nourish the skin on the inside.
Bring on the anti-oxidant power: We love anti-oxidants as they mop up those pesky molecules free radicals that aren't so radical; they cause premature ageing of the skin and compromise our health. Read more at: www.thebeautychef.com/products-inner