About The Beauty Chef

For over five years, her coveted beauty chef column for The Sunday Telegraph, reached hundreds of thousands of readers throughout Australia and taught them how to make recipes to look after their skin kindly and safely without harmful chemicals. Her first book Feeding Your Skin, a book full of chemical free recipes for the skin was published in 2004, through Lantern books, an imprint of Penguin. It has sold over 12,000 copies and has gone into its third re-print. It was recently published in the UK through Vermillion, an imprint of Random House. Carla is a regular columnist for both Wellbeing Magazine and G magazine and is about to start writing her second book on organic beauty. She recently put together the Wellbeing Beauty Book, available in Newsagencies today. Carla runs regular Beauty Chef workshops in Sydney teaching women how to make a variety of cleansers, moisturizers, masks for their own skin, using fresh ingredients found in their garden and kitchen.

Carla’s passion for formulating skincare comes from her love for the natural world and natural ingredients: plants, herbs, oils and essential oils. “Once you experience the rejuvenating benefits of natural, organic skincare, its difficult to use anything else”. Her years of research in this area has led her to become a highly sought after consultant in formulating organic skincare. She consults to people on organic formulations, and has worked on a number of projects designing creams and natural fragrances, including creating essential oil blends for a fragrance for Elle Macpherson. Carla is passionate about the organic industry and helping educate people on how to live sustainably, including on how to have a sustainable beauty routine!